Late Start

IMG_9019One of my Lenten disciplines for Lo these past um… well couple years, has been to do a daily blog post.  Well, I missed Ash Wednesday, so good and so busy! Yesterday was a blur with, newsletter articles and other odds and ends that needed tending to because we were busy preparing for Ash Wednesday, so… here we are with a late start.

It happens, and I am going to grant myself a little grace, mostly because that is sort of how the season of Lent rolls.

I was tempted not to do this blog this year as, well, as I got a late start, but Lent is all about repentance, about returning to the Lord, so by those two measures… it is all about late starts.

What is your Lenten discipline this year?  I’d love to know what you are taking up or giving up.  Haven’t started yet?  Well, consider this your invitation to do just that, with no guilt attached.

How to start. The invitation to lent lists; self-examination and repentance, prayer and fasting, sacrificial giving and works of love as the broad categories.  How you do that is mostly up to you.  Want to give up meat on Fridays, fine… but if you are a big fish lover is that really a discipline?  How about giving up sugar, that is a sacrifice for some of us. Maybe using the money you normally spend on your morning cup of coffee to pay for clean drinking water for others might be a good one. However, if not having your coffee will cause you to sin ever more greatly… then maybe taking up something is more your speed. Daily devotionals can be a great Lenten discipline, maybe writing a blog… or??

The key here is even if you haven’t started yet, please do and don’t let late keep you from the blessings of Lent.

Looking for an idea?  You might want to try this:

If you’d like to follow my photo devotional reflections you can find those here:

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