signMatthew 12:33-50

The reading and the devotional today focus on the request for a sign.  I know there have been several turning points in my life where I called upon the almighty to “just give me a sign!”  Trouble is most of what I would call “signs” in my life, I didn’t see when I requested them, and often didn’t see until long after they were given! My problem is akin to the problem Jesus is addressing with the Pharisees.   They couldn’t read a sign if it was in neon and right in front of them, which Jesus was, (in front of them not in neon).  Jesus dredges up that great biblical story of Jonah and all of a sudden, in hindsight he has indeed given them a sign!

Here is the deal, signs by their nature point to something besides the sign itself. Normally we are too enraptured by the sign to get what it is really trying to show us.  May our eyes be open to what God continues to do with us, among us, and for us each day in Christ Jesus.


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