Psalm 32:1-2

IMG_9049It is a twofer at least as far as the photos go today.  The first is one that I shot for my photo blog which is here if you want to check it out.  I am using the same words to inspire a photo each day as a part of this whole devotional exercise. There is a whole group of them you can check out on Facebook as well, just search for Lenten Photo a day.

I chose to insert this days image along with the one from the devotional to illustrate a point. The sign on the door is on the inside of a little room that was recently converted to a quiet/prayer room.  I love this room!  I can go and get away to think through something, pray, or just to concentrate!  There are no phones and the rules are if the room is occupied nothing short of an actual emergency should garner a rap at the door.  This policy is not so much to keep people out as it is so that we might get certain things done without interruption thus saving time… at least in theory we have only had the room for a little over a week!  You see I have an open door practice unless I am doing private counseling or confession, the door is open, anyone can stop in and frequently they do and that is fantastic.

Intransgression essence, a transgression is crossing a boundary that is there for your own welfare and benefit. When we sin we go places and do things that are not in our long-term best interest. We transgress all the time and our world and our relationships with one another are the worse for it.

My hope is that by having some quiet space, I don’t have to go off site to get certain things done and in so doing make myself more fully present for those when they stop by for a visit or a discussion.

One last word from me on transgressions. Our devotion today asks the question “What does it mean to you for your sin to be covered”  Big picture, it means everything, and it means there is a pretty big cover out there.  Being covered means that my sin, my mistakes, my brokenness is not seen by God but is covered by God’s grace in Christ so that when God looks at my sin, he sees not the ugly mess I have left behind, but the beautiful image of his Son.

So if I am not in my office, maybe you can see Jesus in my absence as well!

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