2462794123_f3aa30984d_zMatthew 13:23-43

In today’s reading Jesus, uses the phrase “The kingdom of heaven…”

Well, let’s start with that, kingdom, for many of us the word carries with it sense of physicality. A kingdom is a place, it is a thing, it is the responsibility of a  person, it is a very noun-like word.  But hear what Jesus says, he equates the kingdom; to “good seeds” and weeds, to mustard seeds and shrubs, to flower and yeast… not things we associate with the word kingdom.

But that is his point, the kingdom has less to do with a place than it does with action.  In fact, the kingdom of God is less a noun than it is a verb, it is an action word!  The author of today’s devotional rightly ascribes these parables to growth.  The kingdom is also something that is happening amongst us now. Jesus makes it clear in Luke 17 that the kingdom of God is in our midst.

In my job, I am deeply aware that the kingdom is around me in the people of God at St. John, and in me as I do and proclaim the good news of God in Christ.

So what does the kingdom look like?

To me on and given day it looks like many things.

Some days it is the promise of heaven and God’s presence given to the newly baptised or to a grieving family who has recently lost a beloved saint.

Other days it looks like, well sounds like silence, as you listen to another, even if I don’t say a word.

Some days it is a bag full of groceries or help with the rent.

Other days it is a hug from a little old lady or one of the young ones that run around the church on Wednesdays after school.

Today it looked a  lot like dust, insulation, bat poo, and cat6 cable. We ran a cable from one end of the church to the other through the attic; we will use that cable to stream our church services.

So what does the kingdom of God look like to you today?

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