IMG_9533Matthew 13:44-58

This first image is once again my picture for the Lenten Photo A Day devotional.  Some days I really struggle with what I will take a picture of for that day’s word, other days, well… I wake up and take one of the dogs out to do their morning routine, and it’s just there.

This is the sight that presented itself to me this morning.  I walked out the door into the brisk Wisconsin morning with a dog who needed to go, and there it was.  Now as beautiful as the picture is, it is really only part of why I chose it.  It was, not exactly warm, it is winter in Wisconsin after all, but it was in the double digits, and it was still. I heard birds singing, and I just stood there listening to my part of the world wake up. What came next were the words from Canticle 14 in the LBW, the old green book for you Lutherans. “Listen! you nations of the world: #listen to the Word of the Lord. Announce it from coast to coast: declare it to distant islands.” 

Why did those words spring to mind?  I don’t’ know. But I do know they could spring because I had listened to them many a time, and sung them even more!  We used to sing this as part of Matins order of service for our early worship service at Trinity Lutheran on Washington Island.

Today’s reading Jesus is laying out a production line of parables about; a Treasure, a fine pearl, and a full fishnet.   These are some of my favorite parables. One of the reasons for that is each time I hear them I remember a sermon my dad did and another is that because of their nature as parables their nuanced meaning has grown as I have.

But I think my favorite part of today’s text happens when Jesus says ““Have you understood all this?” The disciples answered, “Yes.”  Now I might be reading too much into the text here, but I think the disciples lied to Jesus or at least I don’t think they grasped the full meaning of this parables. Why do I say this?  Well, as we see throughout the Gospel, the disciples were still learning to listen to Jesus.   As time went by I think they did, in fact, understand all this… or at least most of it.  

Jesus himself seems to know this when  in the very next line he says. “Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like the master of a household who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old.”

3353936487_2599d7b8dc_zThat is one of the reasons I like the photo chosen for the devotion today.  It is a variation of the old RCA logo entitled “His Masters Voice”   The point being that the dog hears a recording of his master’s voice, and he recognizes it.  The question I leave  you today is, are we familiar enough with our masters voice that we will know it when we hear it? Will we know it when it comes to us through our senses in others ways, like maybe in the brilliance of a sunrise and the song of singing birds on a late February morning?


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