Matthew 20:1-16

6666775823_8c835590ba_zSo what comes to mind for you when you first think of the word worship?

For me, it is singing. Singing has always been a big part of worship not only for me but throughout the history of the church.. Some of the oldest texts we have in the Bible are words to songs. For Lutherans Word and Sacrament are central to worship, but even those elements are often musically arranged.

I remember one of the first times I went to a Non-denominational Evangelical service.  They had a band… no organ, no upright Baldwin piano, it was electric guitars, keyboards, bass, and drums, and very well done musically.  The leader began by saying we will start our service with worship, and then they proceeded to sing about four songs.  Then the pastor who was delivering the sermon came on and said something to the effect of; now that we are done with worship…

I was confused.

Yes, I did mention that singing was a big part of worship for me, but it is exactly that it is Worship mix 2a part of worship.

Worship is more than music, it is more than your kind of music, it is  I think in the big picture, more of an attitude.  It is about worshiping God, giving thanks, remembering, praising, rejoicing, mourning, laughing and crying… Worship is found in all those things and more!

In our reading today it is about the vineyard owner who hires folks throughout the day and pays them the same amount. In my sermon, I tried to stress that this parable isn’t about how long people worked in the field or came to church for that matter.  Nor did it have to do with the wages paid, it is bigger than both those things.  It is about realizing that God is God, and we are not and part of that is realizing that we worship, and live in God’s grace daily, and not just while we are in church!

worshipI’d love to hear about the most awesome place you have ever worshiped or the most awesome service. I would also love to hear if you have worshiped outside of church, how did that go? What caused it and how did you know you were worshiping?

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