Psalm 16:5-8

As the writer of our daily devotion pointed out; “the last phrase of the Psalm for the day is “I shall not be moved.” and the theme word is “go.” The juxtaposition of these words may seem odd at first, but they do their holy work together.

I think that is right on the button.  Going isn’t always about taking off in odd directions all willy-nilly and not moving doesn’t mean there isn’t action going on.  Earlier the Psalmist writes the Lord is ever before me.  Now there is the key for go!

As Christians, we hold that the Lord leads the way, and we are called to go.  That is the key, to going… the calling.  Where are you going and why.  As we look our lives and things we do and all the directions we are pulled in, where are we actually called to go?

5319264476_f1a9bb9fe3_zIt is not as easy as it would seem.  It often isn’t a choice between good and evil but what is the best, what is God calling you to do and go?  Unfortunately it isn’t often like the little green feller in our picture today, there often is no clear signal about when to go and what to go after.  That takes time; it takes staying put in God’s word, surrounding yourself with others who can help you go where you are needed, and stay where you are most useful.

When was there a time when the call to “go” was as plain as a signal light?

When have there been times when that signal was not so plain how did you remain unmoved so that you could discern what God was up to?

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