Mattew 16:13-23

There are still some days when I am a little miffed that I don’t have my flying car yet. When I was young, I poured over copies of Popular Science, and Popular Mechanics magazines and their reviews of new products and projections of what would come by the very futuristic year 2000.  I am still waiting for many of the things they dreamed about, and I have some things I use every day they could never have imagined!  I generally love new things, as long as it fits

Here is a funny thing. I generally love new things, as long as it fits into my plans, my experience and my interest.  If not… I am not so much a fan of new. I often told my kids if you want my ok on something new, plant the seed, give me some time to wrap my head around it. Otherwise, my immediate answer will be no!

Maybe that is why there is much I love about this passage.  I have the advantage of two thousand years of wisdom and hindsight!

Peter didn’t have that luxury. In our reading, he goes from getting that Jesus is “the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”  Jesus then calling him the “rock” that the church will be built on, to being called Satan, and a stumbling block when he questions Jesus talk of the cross!

One second Peter seems to catch on to the new thing that God is doing in Christ.  The next, he doesn’t because it doesn’t fall into his ideas of what this new thing should look like.  I appreciate Peter’s dilemma!  The question may be asked how do we keep our eyes open, and our hearts prepared for what God is up to among us today?

newThe picture today helps to illustrate this.  In my mind, the book in this picture for me represents the Bible, God’s word. We must spend time in the Word, in worship and in study.  The alarm clock reminds us to take that time, and the cup reminds me that we need quiet reflection time to talk to God in prayer and to listen as well.

Today I have more questions than answers or stories… so there they are!

How do you keep your eyes open to what God is up to in your life and through you? How do we respect tradition and history without mandating that God remain there? How do we open ourselves to God guiding us rather than letting our preconceived notions dictate what God must do?  How do we place ourselves at God’s disposal so that we might say Yes to the new things of God.?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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