Matthew 22:1-14


Water, where would we be without it. Well I can tell you.  We wouldn’t be here at all!  So central to life it is also central to the Christian life.  In Baptism, we are drowned daily and raised to new life, and this is done with water and God’s word.

Water is not only life-giving, it is also refreshing!  I once lived on a small island in Lake Michigan. It rarely got hot during the summer, but there would be a couple of days each year where having air conditioning would have been nice.  One such stretch, I remember trying to go to sleep but the heat and humidity were such a bother. I stuck to everything, ugh!  So I asked my wife, quietly I thought if she were still awake, and she responded, yes, and my Son who had been in bed for hours piped up from across the hall… I am too, and almost unbelievably my daughter downstairs heard all this and she said I can’t sleep either!

So… we all got into the car, drove the mile or so to School House Beach, and though technically it was closed at 1 in the morning, there were a few other folks out… we climbed into the waters of the lake, dark cool and brisk and soaked until our core body temperatures went down a few degrees.  We returned home layed down and slept like babies!

The good news in our reading and parable today is that all are invited, both good and bad to be changed in the waters of baptism, to soak in God’s redeeming love and mercy.


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