Matthew 21:23-27


What first comes to you mind when you see or hear the word “healing?”

My first thoughts are of medical professionals, doctors, nurses and the like. But that is not healing, they work in the field, they enable it, but they are not healers.  Yes, I am aware that some folks use that term to describe such people.  I don’t much care for it because it takes an active word like healing and makes it a static word where the action resides in another.

Healing is at its core a very relational thing.  We are not 1964 dodge darts; you can just open the hood and fiddle around and replace parts, and you are good as new!  Healing often requires a team, and very often to really do the work of healing, the “healing” as it were, the patient needs to play and active role in that healing.

When Jesus heals, there is some relational work going on, usually with the “patient” or other caregivers.  Many times the healing of the physical malady is on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to healing.  Those healed from leprosy were then able to rejoin their communities and family relationship; the impact of Jesus healing was indeed more than skin deep.

Today as Jesus authority is questioned, it wasn’t because they religious authorities of the day really wanted to develop a relationship with Jesus. In some ways faith had become the dominion of the religious establishment, rather than it being a cooperative enabling movement it became about the system, about who was in and who was out and Jesus was busting these doors down all over.

Eventually his conflicts with earthly authorities both political and religious would lead to his death on the cross, but God brings healing even in the midst of this broken world.  Through the empty tomb Jesus healing of body, mind and soul are offered to all, and relationship and hope are restored.

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