Psalm 43:3-4


If there is a word that rings true to me, it’s this one.  Wander.  Just like the child in the image for today, we all know what it is to wonder.  Just trudging along and before you know it we have gone and wondered off to God knows where.  And that is good news, for God indeed knows where.

God’s call to us, when we have wandered off, is always to repent and to turn around and head back toward God. Sometimes though it takes us a while to realize, we have wondered off.

I think this is true for most folks, or at least the ones I have had with whom I have had conversations along these lines.   Most often people don’t make a beeline for bad choices and behaviors that lead them from God. Oh, it happens I know, but must of us just sort of wander off… we get sidetracked and derailed and before you know it whether it is a little or a lot we are lost.

When I was a kid on a some trip up to Minneapolis, we stayed downtown at the Curtis Hotel. One of those massive old hotels that just don’t exist anymore.  A bunch of us headed out to explore, well we sort of just wandered off and after a short time in unfamiliar territory in a big city after dark, we hadn’t a clue where we were.  My gut told me we should head one way another classmate said no she thought we should go yet another way. Tensions rose, and we were splitting into two separate groups when finally, one of us caught sight of a large lit up sign that caused us to turn in yet an another direction.  The direction that was back to our rooms and safety.

Today our Psalm reminds to be looking out for the light of God that will lead us to where we belong.

O send out your light and your truth;
    let them lead me;
let them bring me to your holy hill
    and to your dwelling.

How do you know you are really lost, how do you know when you have wandered off?  Who has God placed in your life to be a light and God’s truth so that you might be brought back to God’s dwelling?


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