Mattew 23:1-36

14296826765_1237d3dcec_z (1)

I guess until today I never thought about the word sad so very much, but it really does operate on many levels, many of which happen in our reading today.

It’s sad that the religious leaders of the day didn’t practice what they preached. It’s sad that they burden others with their  demands for a holy life. It’s sad that Jesus has to point out all the sadness, all the failures and foibles of the religious establishment.  It is sad that it is this very thing, something we know as sin will cause Jesus to die on the cross, and evoke yet another kind of sadness for many.

But sadness is not the standard operating procedure of the kingdom of heaven, and I would argue that it is the inverse, joy that is the norm.

Right now, I am so tired I can not keep my eyes open much less make any heads or tails of the last three paragraphs I just deleted!  So rejoice, this devotion is over, amend your ways, repent, and all heaven rejoices with you!


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