Psalm 98:7-9


Once again, look at that image. If you have ever had a small child grasp your hand or finger like that, it is really something. Whether they know it or not they are trusting that you will not harm them.

In our Psalm for today, it lays out creations response when God comes to judge. It is loud, raucous, and joyful! Is that how you have come to see judgement? Other than old schtick… “here come da judge, here come da judge!” Seeing the judge is not generally something thought of as rowdy and gleeful!
In The Message, Eugene Peterson doesn’t use the word judgment much, but rather substitutes the phrases, set things right, and straighten out the whole world. They both mean the same thing but we don’t always seem to see judgement in that light. One of the reasons for this is we don’t always trust that God is the fair judge, the judge that is more concerned about the truth of his love and grace than our understandings of justice and write and wrong. Jesus will say years after this psalm was written that you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

It seems all of nature knows the truth of God’s judgement and celebrates as it comes! May we too be part of the through that rejoices in God coming to judge, to set thing right in and through Christ Jesus.


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