Matthew 24:29-51


It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…

Some time or another in my 9th grade year at Stoughton High School the reality that nothing lasts forever started to dawn upon us.  There were discussions.  A pope died, and someone read that there were only going be so many Popes, so they were going to become the pope protection squad to protect the pope and keep the world from ending.  That is how I remember it… High School was a unique time for me.

Over the years others have fixated on the end of the world, cults and odd collections of misfits have all claimed to know that the world is in fact ending, and they know when.  People have died in these convoluted schemes; they had sold all they had and lost everything when the world did not end on schedule.  Now not all of these groups have been or at least claimed to be Christian.  The problem is they did not follow their shepherd. They have not heard the very words of Christ.

Yes, we are to be alert, yes we are to be prepared to live like God is coming at any moment. But the key is we do this for the sake of the neighbor not being first in line for the heavenly departure party.  We are called to follow Christ into the future in loving service to one another, the least and the lowly and everyone else!

When we live such lives, it won’t matter when the Lord arrives, we will be ready in his love, grace, and mercy living lives of humble service.


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