Matthew 25:14-30

debitSo here is a funny story that couldn’t really have been told a decade ago.  The word for today is Debit.  It was not the word that was intended, but it ended up being the word chosen on purpose.  Clear?

Ok, it went down this way. I was thinking debt as we understand it theology and some Christians use in the Lord’s prayer. It’s a good word, but my auto correct feature finished the word “debit.”  I started to correct it, grumbling about not giving my phone permission to read my mind, and then I thought, no let’s go with it!

Debit means left or left-hand side of an accounting ledger. As people of faith, we understand that because of sin that side of the heavenly ledger as it were, are full of entries. Our debt load is, in fact, insurmountable for us. Jesus takes that right side of the ledger which sets us right.

So what of our entries on that right-hand side?  Are they garbage, worth nothing?  If so why do we bother doing anything but what we want?  Here is the deal like in our reading today, the parable of the talents shows us that we have gifts, things on the right side of the column that we are to invest and use for the glory of God and the good of our neighbor.


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