Psalm 118:26-29

4896428834_67c5b04d22_zAsk is the word for the day, and a loaded word it is!

Be careful what you ask for goes the old warning.

Maybe that is good advice, but I have many questions, so I am going to have to ask, it is sort of what I do.   Often when people talk to me about heaven and after laying out what we know scripturally, which isn’t much compared to the volume of questions we have about it, I give them one of my hopes.  One of my hopes about what heaven will be like is we get our questions answered!  I sort of hope there is a little booth up in heaven manned by someone like the “Shell Answer Man.”  I figure I have enough questions that I could used up a big chunk of eternity just working on those.

There are two problems with asking that I’ll touch on here. The first is that often you get answers you don’t necessarily want.  Remember that whole “thy will be done” thing in the Lord’s Prayer?  But even in the midst of answers we don’t like we can carry on becasue in the words of the Psalmist today we can “O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
    for his steadfast love endures forever.”  

Taskhis leads us to the second thing, often asking questions has been seen as “unfaithful” or  something.  But as our devotion points out, God’s promise to us is stronger than death and so too is our relationship with God.  God can handle the hard questions. Sometimes pastors and people of faith don’t do as well, but this is an occasion for grace as well. Because in all these things we know that God loves us, sent his Son to die for us we can have life, we can wrestle with the tough questions knowing that God’s grace is sufficient.


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