Mattew 27:15-26

2334183401_c5c41d3aaa_z (1)I know of very few people of faith who are completely satisfied with their prayers lives.  As the author of the devotion describes, I too have up and down tendencies with my prayers.

I know of people who pray for hours, like literal, talking to God, listing lists, petitions and requests, worship and adoration.  One of the more famous Luther quotes is “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.”

My attention span is not naturally wired for such prolonged focus.  In fact, my mind often wonders while I am in intentional prayer. The place it goes to are sometimes areas that need further prayer, often though they are just distractive thoughts.pray

Listening is also part of prayer, and I do try and listen, but again, I fall short on the formal focused side  of things.

But here is the deal, praying is not always about form, or even if you do it well, it is ultimately about relationship, specifically our relationship with God.  Living a life of prayer can be being and doing things in your life in a prayer like relationship.  God is there, for a quick hello, or a spur of the moment thank you.  Life lived in prayer never really stops.

Today in our reading Jesus is tried and beaten.  But through it all he keeps his prayer like calm. It is an amazing thing.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Maundy Thursday, at worship and in our lives as we serve God and neighbor. May God Bless you in these days.


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  1. Love the idea of making your life a prayer to God…not part and parceling our prayer life or fitting it in when we can, but always being centered on God and in conversation with God throughout the day…Thank you so much for these devotions. I have looked forward to them every day! Vicki H.


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