Mattew 26:17-30

3420922891_42cb0eb05d_zToday is Maundy Thursday.  I cannot remember a time when I did not go to church, did not celebrate this day.  In as much as the Passover is one of the definitive celebrations that makes a Jew a Jew. So for me at least Maundy Thursday is one of those days that makes a Christian, a Christian,  and for me a Lutheran a Lutheran.

We are a Word and Sacrament people, but that combination is less like math and more like chemistry.  The reations of these things cause something to happen, some sort of ministry, some sort of blessed activity.  The key is we interact with the world around us.

Fed and nourished through the meal of Holy Communion, and having heard the proclamation of the law and the Gospel we are; freed, empowered, and blessed to be a blessing.  mealWe are to love one another as Jesus says in Johns version of this story. Jesus shows us that are to be examples of loving service as Jesus was, not only on “the night” but thought-out his ministry.

As we celebrate this meal, it is for us today, it also has a history that reminds us of Gods promises throughout history.  That is a meal that satisfies, this is a meal that gracefully fills us with life.

Today we began the Great Three Days.  My eyes are tired and if what I just wrote makes sense and is a blessing to you, give thanks to God for it is the Spirit that has to have interceded!


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