Picture Perfect Pain

PainPain is a bugger to visualize. Do a google image search and I think you will see what I mean.  Most of the images that come back are people wincing or crying. Then there are other images of odd body parts glowing red to illustrate the area where the pain is. But really, these images don’t communicate the full feeling of pain, and I think I know why…

They can’t.

Pain is not blood and gore, it isn’t even tears or twisted faces… these are things that are often associated with pain, but are not pain in and of themselves. The pain we feel is deep within us and no matter how you try, you can not as one former presidential candidate stated over 20 years ago “I feel your pain.” It is just not possible.

But we all know pain. We know it; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  In our devotion and Bible reading today we broach the non-physical pain of broken relationships in Jesus conversation about divorce. My guess is this reading, and its devotion will stir up some painful memories, thoughts and reactions.  You just can’t engage this text without pain.

Jesus is talking about the true intent of the Law, and there is no salve for the hurt to be found there. What I find wild is that God in Christ does, in fact, know ou
r pain, because he became truly human and because he is truly God.  The depths of this connection to us go far further than the most well-intentioned politician.

A silhouette of Christ on the cross at CalvaryJesus will continue to teach and to heal and to love all the way to the cross where the pain of our sin he will bear willingly so that we might know the fullness of life in him. When you look in the mirror next, there you will see not an image of pain or imperfection but one that is so deeply loved that the pain cross was worth it.



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