Childlike Not Childish

ChildThese two are my Godchildren. Feel free to pray for them! I have two of my own that are more or less fully grown now, but each one will always be my child.  One of the great parts of my job is I get to do children’s sermons. The kids bring something up in a bucket, and we use it as the object each week for the sermon. So I get to see what is important to the kids, and I get educated on the latest in toys and tv shows.  Children are a huge blessing to the church and in my life. But I think at times we over-romanticize children especially when it comes to faith.

You’ve seen the pictures haven’t you of Jesus with the children. They are lovely, they are well, they are impossible. You see I really like kids, I like hanging out with them, I like teaching them. But, kids just aren’t the way I see them depicted in these pictures.

Jesus knew the reality of children. They had no status; they were often grubby, ill and underfoot!  jesus-and-the-little-children-unknown

Just look at this picture. Not one kid is picking his or her nose, no rips in their clothes, no boo-boos on every appendage, shoot they don’t even have food stains on their faces or clothes. No one is pitching a fit, and they all seem to be paying attention, well there is that one kid in the back that seems to be zoning out, so that is real.

a828f9b92c05fa5b182ba34da7d9beadMy point is this when Jesus speaks about coming to him as a child, it might just mean coming to him in the fullness of our humanity.  A child you see doesn’t really know how to fake good manners, or religion for that matter. A child is prone to tell you how they really feel rather than to say everything is fine when it isn’t. 12574462 A child is the rawest form of the human, and I think that may have been what Jesus was after. Come to him in the fullness of who you are, custard stains on your shirt and all.


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