Wisdom’s Wiley Ways

Wise.jpgIf you can’t tell I am having some fun with the titles of the blogs this Lent! Today’s word and Psalm are favorites of mine. When it comes to wisdom, I can tell you I still remember listening to a sermon by my father on Solomon’s request for wisdom about half-way back on the lectern side at Christ Lutheran  in Stoughton, WI. I very vividly recall praying a prayer that I too would like to be wise like Solomon.  I may not be the one to ask if God delivered on that prayer, but I have had my moments of near Solomonic wisdom over the years and I continue to grow in appreciation of truly wise people.

The devotional asked,  “Who is the wisest person you know?” I spent a large chunk of time pondering that today and was a little stumped. Not to deflate any egos of friends or relatives that might read this, but the trick came in the are of “wisest.”  That depends quite a bit on what I am seeking wisdom about.  If I want wisdom on being a pastor, general life event and dad stuff, my dad is hands down
the guy I turn to for wisdom.  If I need wisdom on matters of the heart, how to make great frosting and deal with the bumps life can throw at you, my mother is a very wise woman.  My wife carries with her wisdom that I count on regularly… and my kids continue to impress me with nuggets of wisdom that belie their years.  To be clear, I am not looking for information here, I like to believe that am smarter than your average bear and I know how to use google.  No, wisdom takes facts and knowledge and processes them through the complicated matrix of life and making sense of it all. IMG_6067

I talked this over with my wife and I said, is it arrogant to say that I am the wisest person I know?

She looked at me funny… (wisdom) and let me plod on in my thought process… I think if I don’t rely on my own wisdom but seek it out from good and Godly sources, then I am in fact being pretty doggone wise!   Psalm 19 states that the

“Law of the Lord is perfect,
 reviving the soul;
the decrees of the Lord are sure,
    making wise the simple”

The Law of Lord makes wise the simple, so there is hope for me yet even if I am not the wisest person I know.



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