Glory Be


Glory. What comes into your mind when you hear that word?  It isn’t one I tend to use that often, and I likely use it more than most because of my line of work!

Something kind of glorious happened today that I would like to relate here. It has a little to do with my devotional workflow such as it is.

Using the Wilderness Wanderings devotional as a guide, I keep each day’s word in my mind devotionally. I think about it ponder it and if I am fortunate I can snap a picture with my smartphone to help illustrate it. Today wasn’t one of those days.  Nothing caught my eye, so I went into the well of my photo stash on my computer. The picture you will see below is from that source; it was from 2 years ago when I had a mini-sabbatical and my wife, and I spent some time at a friends house at Birch Bay Washington.  This was the summer of the “Super moon’s” and this is a picture of that event.  So I sent it to myself then tweaked it in Instagram (it has some great easy to use tools for photo processing behind those filters) and then it goes out to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

I then take that photo and post it at Potluck Transfer with a very short devotional thought IMG_6404.JPGthat connects to the picture.  Today’s word and the picture just screamed Psalm 19 verse 1 to me; “The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.” Before I had posted my little devotion, my friend who we stayed with saw the picture and liked it, then he posted Ps 19:1.  

Whoa… great minds think alike I guess! Or maybe that is what Glory does. It triggers things deep inside us that bring us together, that cause us to be thankful, awe-filled, blessed and captivated all at the same time. Maybe then that is the best definition of Glory.

Glory is at its most basic a God thing. It is not something we can manufacture; it is something that comes to us. Much as God comes to each of us in his steadfast love and mercy seeking us in the midst of our lives and offering us a share in this glory.  During Lent, we remember this gift is a costly one as we remember Jesus on his way to the cross.

The beautiful thing about all of this is that we don’t have to be good, nor perfect to receive this gift but this gift will change you little by little into what you all ready are in Christ Jesus and that is pretty glorious!

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