Achy Breaky Heart


heartOh, I remember Billy Ray Cyrus and his meticulous mullet. No disrespect intended, but I never did like that song much. But we all know about achy breaky hearts.

To go with the anatomical for a bit, the heart is in a pretty safe place. Located more or less centrally, it is covered by the ribs, and tucked in nicely amidst the other internal organs.

Yet when we move into the realms of the emotional and spiritual the heart is very vulnerable. Today’s reading is Psalm 111 and in its opening lines it states; “Praise the LordI will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart, in the company of the upright, in the congregation.”

Right there in front of everyone, the psalmist offers up his heart!  How readily do we do this?  For our spouse, for family for our God?  My experience is a little more like the anatomy lesson above; often we keep our hearts pretty well protected.  To lay it open like that in front of God and everybody is just so vulnerable!


The psalmist can be this vulnerable in because of the deep trust in God that they spell out in the rest of the psalm.  God’s provision, promises and precepts provide the security to open up our heart to what God is doing.

Our devotion for the day states this is a scary thing, and it is!  But because we are loved so deeply, and cared for so thoroughly, we can open ourselves up, to offer our hearts, our whole hearts to God.  Doing this lets us experience what Jesus came to offer, what he calls abundant life.


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