Fully Fabulous Fruit


While these bananas might be getting on in age… they are still good fruit.  You might say for some things they are the best fruit. The best banana bread is made from very ripe bananas.

So if over-ripe fruit can still be good fruit, what exactly is good fruit?  I guess it is fruit that can be used.

The living out of a faithful life is talked about in the terms of fruit. Paul speaks about the fruits of the spirit. Jesus talked about fruit frequently; sometimes the word good was attached to it, but not always.

The key often is not the nature of the fruit itself but that there is fruit!  Fruit is the natural outcome of the process of life. Something is wrong with a plant if it doesn’t bear fruit.  That I think is Jesus point.  In our lives of faith, things will change, growth will happen, and fruit will be born. These fruits will be different from person to person, depending on the what they have been gifted to produce, but production is expected.

How does fruit get produced? There are many things to take into consideration, good soil, water, fertilizer and the like. But here is something I learned in the wine country of California. What makes a huge difference in the quality of the grapes isn’t any of those things I listed. Oh, they do have an impact, but by far the thing that makes the biggest impact is the amount of sunshine.

You could say the same holds true for the Christian life. Good fruit is often the direct result of enough Son-shine. How much time have you spent basking in the word of God, participating in the body of Christ or what we call the church?  All these elements play a huge role in producing the fruit of a Christian life.



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