Topsy Tervy Clean


I can see the look of disgust on my Grandfathers face as clear as anything.  It was graduation day. I had been furiously cramming for finals up until two days before. I was also an RA, so I was checking people out of their rooms right up to the moment I put my robe on.

After I proudly walked across the stage, and I was back in my room, when my Grandfather came by.  My room was chaos, books and papers, clothes and you name it spread from sea to shining sea.  I was cleaning!

My Grandfather didn’t think very highly of my technique, how could anyone ever let anything look like this ever was the mumble I heard from his lips.

In my experience, there are two types of cleaning. The first is the gradual little bit at a time, maintenance cleaning, ongoing cleaning. This even in my own mind is the best sort. But it takes continual attention.

The second is the drastic reset. Wait until it looks like a scene from a dystopian movie and then hit it with all you got. This is what I practice most often. They both have their pro’s and con’s but the what we seek in the end is the same.  Clean.

There is nothing like clean.  I love it when my house is clean, and my office is clean, but one of those, in particular, doesn’t happen very often.

In our faith walk, do we regularly nurture it and clean out the cruft that builds up that hinders our relationship with God?  What happens if we don’t?  Well, do we have the ability to call on God when we realize we are hip deep in spiritual junk?

Likely we fall short in all these areas, and our collective spiritual households are not what they could or ought to be. That is where Jesus comes in. In biblical language, we are washed clean in the blood of the lamb. There is no life so cluttered and grubby that God can not make it clean.

Sometimes cleaning is as easy as a light dusting and other times it needs deep, deep cleaning. Regardless the grace, mercy and forgiveness of God are the best cleaning agent ever, and it is given for us freely in Christ.







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