The Measure of a Ruler


The image here appears to be one of ancient rulers. Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses.

Rulers of old carved into stone Lording it over us after they are long dead!

For those of us who live in modern more democratic societies, though, the idea of royalty, of ancient rulers of yore still fascinate us.

Just look at the wedding of Will and Kate, and subsequent birthings of future heirs… people eat this up with a spoon and fork.  In my day, at least, little girls didn’t dream of and play the role of senator, mayor or judge, they did, and if Frozen is to be understood, still do act the part of princesses.

The other thing we think of when we see or hear the word ruler is this.   Ruler1

Believe it or not, they have a lot in common. Both are things that have power and authority over us.  We judge things by how they measure up to our rulers.  Want to see if that new sofa will fit through the door? Measure it. Want to see how tall your kids are? Measure them! Are you successful in your life?  Measure yourself up against those who rule.

Rulers have power as do… um, rulers, I guess.  Well, systems of measurement anyway.

I remember when they tried to go to the metic system as a kid.  That did not go well.  People used to one system of measuring, to change that, albeit for good reasons, just wasn’t going to fly.  To the best of my understanding, the metric system is by far more accurate in most forms of measurement, but it had no power amongst those who used to the old system we still use. In fact, those who rule, our elected officials knew this was a good thing for the country, and yet they had no power to make this stick.il_570xN.294750854

Who rules in your life for someone surely does.  Often it isn’t God who is the ruler of our lives; it can be other people, other things and even ourselves.   Want to know who or what really rules in your life?  Ask yourself what it would take for you to change.  Very often it is those things or people that hold the power.  God asks that he be placed first in our lives because then everything else will measure up.  All other rulers fall short.




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