Teach, Teaches, Taught


Teach is the word for the day, but in the title, I have three variations or tenses in my intent. Future, present and past forms of the word are the titles of this entry because this teaching thing has been going on forever, goes on now and will continue to go on.

The unique thing about teaching opposed to learning is that it is a shared activity. When you teach, you can do so with many styles and approaches, but what you are doing is sharing, giving something that you have to others. The example then is at the core of what it means to teach.

In our Psalm today, the praise of the psalmist emerges out of what they saw God do and they, in turn, seek to learn more. We too are called on to teach, to set examples, and the old song goes, “they will know we are Christians by our love.” How do people learn what it means to be a Christian from you?

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