Spoke, Spake, Spoketh

SpokeThis is Jack. Jack is reading scripture. Be like Jack.

Jack is in the sixth grade. We have several young people who read the Word of God in worship. They do a great job, and it is fun to see them grow in confidence and ability as they do it more often.

It has never happened to me, but I know not all congregations would be so open to having youngsters read the word. There are others where women or those with disabilities are ruled out from this task as well.  That is just sad in my book.

In God’ book, there are people of all sizes, ages, and types that bring the word. They spoke long ago, but God still speaks through them, though kids like Jack, and others.  The past tense of the word is a bit hard for me.    Our reading for today states “God spoke to our ancestors in many and various ways by the prophets,  but in these last days, he has spoken to us by a Son.”  Yes I know, it says spoke, but just as Jesus spake, as the resurrected one he still speaks!  

In acts of love, in service to the neighbor and through voices like Jacks, and folk who preach, the word of God is spoken and speaks life in Christ in the present tense.


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