Psalm 79IMG_9750.JPG

Yes, it’s Yoda.

It was the best I could do for the focus word for today of Mercy.

Oh, it’s not that I didn’t have opportunities to take pictures of mercy today, I did, in fact quite a few times. But here is the deal. Each one of them was intensely personal, and for pastoral reasons, I just couldn’t take a picture.

So you get Yoda.

Now I don’t remember Yoda ever speaking about mercy, but for my money, the Jedi and Yoda, in particular, lived out of a mercy mindset. The Jedi helped those in need and used their skills to protect the vulnerable and powerless.  Mercy would then be a necessary component of what it meant to be a Jedi knight.  Mercy is given, it is corporate, mercy is always more than just about you!

That being said, Mercy must be received, it can not be forced. Mercy in light of our psalm for today is a vital ingredient in forgiveness and restoration.  We like the people of Jerusalem fall short, we sin, we need God to reach out to us to have mercy on us and restore our relationships.  On our own, we are far to often drawn to the dark side of self-interest, the giving and receiving of mercy call us to relationship and into the light of God’s grace. During Advent, we recall that mercy is deeply personal and God offers it to us through his Son Jesus Christ who comes among us, Emmanuel.

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