Micah 4:6-13

I was shopping the other day and remembered that I needed to buy a card. So I swung into the part of the store I nearly never venture into and was overwhelmed by cards for every imaginable occasion, including it seems the religious occasion of getting a condo!

While I am always down for a good home blessing, I don’t think a condominium purchase ranks as a “religious occasion.”  This card was either inappropriately placed, or more likely someone just didn’t pay any attention to where they put it back after looking at it. So, I returned it to its proper spot, three rows down and about a half-dozen columns to the left.

In our lesson today the people of God were in exile or about to go into exile, the point is they would not be where they should be, nor where they wanted to be. Unlike the misplaced card in the picture, this was no accident. The people of  wound up in exile because they forgot who they were and whose they were.

Unless I miss my guess, you know how this feels. Oh sure you likely haven’t been shipped off to a foreign land while everything you knew and loved was given to others…  But we have all mad poor choices, we have all made decisions that draw us from God. Maybe they were small indiscretions, that only God knows about, or maybe they were played out in your family, or community.   When these things happen, when sin breaks relationships, we can feel like we are in exile, we can be cut off, and hope can seem distant.

God has always had a word for us in these times, and that word is Restore.  describes Micah as “a book of judgment against God’s people, mixed with words of hope that promise the possibility of renewal even after disaster comes.”

To be restored is to be returned to where we belong, This Advent we might take a moment to think that we are like a card that finds itself in the wrong slot, God in Jesus seeks us out finds us and restores us to the place we are to be as beloved children.


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