Luke 21:34-38

My other two dogs have already put in an appearance, so I guess it is Odin’s turn.  Odin has been having some medical issues, so we were at the vet today, and this is a picture of Odin watching the door and waiting for Dr. Erin to come back in. Odin did very well and behaved like the true gentleman he is, even when he had blood drawn.

Watch is the word for the day, and in our reading, Jesus is encouraging his followers to watch, to keep their eyes open or as the Message version translates it.  “Don’t let the sharp edge of your expectation get dulled…”  I like that.  In this portion of Luke Jesus is encouraging his followers then as now to be faithful and persevering in a world that too often distracts and entices us if not being downright hostile to the good news of God in Christ.

As attentive as Odin was as he watched the door we too are to be watching for Jesus to show up.  He does this not only in the manger at Christmas but each day and at the last. If we keep watch, if we keep the sharp edge of our expectation that Jesus is coming amongst us from getting dull, we will be ready no matter what happens when the door opens.

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