Hosea 6:1-6

The stuff in that bag needs to go back to Shopko. Now the odds of it going back in a timely manner… well that is another thing.  We don’t need what is in the bag, we have the receipt, our funds will be returned to us, but as is our norm, we will forget, not get around to, and otherwise not bother to return it for days… maybe even until after Christmas.

In our reading today there is a call to return to God. The people had picked up false god’s and things didn’t go well for them. But do you think they’ll hop right to repenting… or returning to God?  The answer is no.

This advent as we watch and wait, as we prepare for Christmas, we need to remember to return to God, to repent, its a good word by the way.  We need to do this because even the most religious of us can get distracted and the false gods that surround us from material goods to false ideas about what makes a good Christmas can cause us to forget about God’s original intent at Christmas time… a deep and abiding relationship, that is given as a gift, one that we ought never return!

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