Psalm 27

Yeah, so I am almost a week behind.  Sigh…  with 7 days to go I am going to try and catch up!  How “Confident” am I… (see what I did there) well, truth be told not very. But I am giving a shot.

I am willing to give almost anything a shot, particularly if I am not in it alone, or without a point of reference.  The photo for today is the underside of the 5-way selector switch on my Fender Telecaster. From the very first day I played it, it seemed, well, a little soft?  Then as I was playing it the other day… it didn’t switch anymore.  I opened up the guitar and lo and behold, the switch was shot.  I have never switched a switch, but I ordered a new one on Amazon, and two days later, I soldered the new one into place. I took the picture because to have any confidence in my repair skills I needed to know how it was put together in the first place. Know that, I could proceed with some confidence.

The 27th Psalm is a great one because it points to God as the source of the Psalmists confidence. The last line is particularly Aventy… “Wait for the Lordbe strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”  This is not a passive waiting, but rather one that is actively engaging.  In a world that can seem to work against us, work against love and grace, we look to God for our confidence knowing that at Christmas, God comes among us, Emmanuel. 


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