“Steadfast love and faithfulness will meet;
    righteousness and peace will kiss each other.” – Psalm 85:10

Ok,  may have to make it dog week on the ol’ blog.

This is Kirsebær she is the youngest of the three. Today’s word is compassion, and in part that is how she found her home with us. I have a colleague who works with a dog rescue called Paddy’s Paws, you can click on the link, but I am warning you, you might end up with a dog! That’s what happened to me anyway.

One day I was flipping through Facebook just before heading to work, and I came across this picture of a dog, I liked it and commented “Kristi can you imagine.” Well her name linked her to the picture and the web page, and sure enough, by noon she had imagined and filled out the paperwork to begin the adoption process.  

We already had two dogs, we didn’t need three, but this poor little girl who had been left to fend for herself on the mean streets of Houston, TX covered with mange and frightened had been found, nurtured and brought back to health by people with deep compassion. The only thing that was left was to find a forever family who would be moved with compassion to adopt her. 

The photo above is not the best I have taken of her. She was more interested in playing and getting her scritches that sitting still for a photoshoot.  While she is still sometimes a bit neurotic, she is a loving, happy girl most of the time and I am so glad for the gift of compassion. It is one of the gifts of Advent that makes life meaningful and fulfilling. 

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