Today will be short again, but I have a picture and a thought.

The decoration of the tree the placement of the Santas and creches is complete.  Christmas may now commence… but no not yet, Advent is not yet complete, there is more time to wait, to prepare, to grow into the season.  

So often we rush to complete things so we can check them off a list, but there is another way to look at complete, and that is to allow you to begin again, or to make the next step.  That is what our reading from Hebrews evokes.  The completeness is not an end, but rather a beginning, to be who God wants us to be and to do those good things God would have us do.  God is at work completing us all the time, day by day we grow a little more into the likeness of Christ until we become what we are already in baptism, the complete perfect reflection of Christ. 

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