This is sort of a recycled photo. I didn’t get to taking one as I was a bit under the weather today. After resting a bit, I am feeling better, so that is good. I did entertain the thought that I might just skip today’s devotional reflection, I mean I have a good excuse and I didn’t get to take a picture.

But then I remembered reading today’s scripture and devotion and I knew what I was going to take a picture of and that was a poinsettia at church. So, I cropped a picture I used the other day down to this. The word for the day is blossom, and the first thing that came to mind were the poinsettias at church. Now here is the funny thing about poinsettia’s, the color, the bright crimson reds, the whites, the pinks and other colors are not from the flowers! Those are just the leaves, while poinsettia have flowers they are not much to look at even in full blossom.

So why did poinsettia come to mind? Well, this time of year isn’t exactly known for any other kind of blooming thing, and together with the reading, I had a thought. Poinsettias are fussy, to get them to pop with color, proper care must be taken, just the right amount of darkness (12 hours) and the right amount of light (really bright for 12 hours) to get the certain leaves to turn color. Here is the other thing, naturally these plants are a sort of spindly weedy plant. Only when grown together with different varieties of poinsettias do you get the full bushy plant we have come to know and love! One other point of trivia is that nearly all the poinsettias purchased in the United States until the 1980s were grown by one family in California who had long ago perfected this technique.

Maybe it is a bit of a stretch, but that is sort of like the life of a Christain, we need specific care to blossom and grow. We need time in scripture, in prayer and we need to be fed at the table in bread and wine, the Word for us. Gathered together and so nurtured and grown we form the body of Christ, colorful and robust, ready to celebrate the birth of Christ, the life of Christ among us each day and the return of Christ when all things come to perfection in him. Until that day comes may we all continue to blossom in God’s love.

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