Today I was looking for the daily devotion to land in my e-mail box. Nearly every day at 5:00 AM it is there, today I couldn’t find it. I thought I may have deleted it by accident. My hard copy was in my office at church, but I have all the digital files on my computer, so I went looking for it and got pulled into a rabbit hole! I started looking at other files, and other pictures and devotions from years past, of Christmases as Andy Williams would sing, long, long ago!

Before I knew it, I had been chasing one memory after another, and I chewed up a good hour and a half this morning and never got to reading my devotion!

I took this picture of the large clock we have between the kitchen and the family room for a couple of reasons. The first is time is funny, and this time of year is a perfect example, Christmas Eve is three days away, three days is no small chunk of time and yet before you know it bam, it will be passed, my guess is you know how that feels. Compare that to how time went by as a kid. The days crawled by, the hours felt like eons, and it seemed like Christmas would never get here! Like I said, time can be a funny thing.

The second reason was “The fullness of time.” That is a phrase from today’s scripture reading, and I really like it. The fullness if time is neither too slow or to fast, too soon or too late. God in Christ comes to us in the fullness of time, to save, to redeem, to bring us into the family of God.

Christmas is coming, whether you don’t think you have enough time to prepare, or you don’t think you can bear the waiting, the good news is the gift is yours already and it is enough.

In the fullness of time, you became a child of God in your baptism into Christ, you are a child of God an heir to the Kingdom of God, you are enough, you have enough, Christmas is coming, it is enough.

Oh… and one final funny thing about time… guess when my devotions came today… not 5:00 AM, but 5:00 PM. Time is indeed a funny thing!

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