I took this a couple weeks back in California when Advent was just underway. Today we bring Advent to a close as Christmas Eve awaits…. Yeah, so sometimes my sister-in-law doesn’t like getting her picture taken. But ya know my wife loves her and she loves her sister, so she tolerates me! The things we do for love!

All kidding aside, I love my family, inlaws, outlaws, what have you, I love them all. Today’s word as you see is love, and boy howdy is that a loaded and multi-dimensional word.

We know that God is love and that God loves the world, those sentiments are all over scripture, and I know by faith that this is true. God, in fact, does far more than tolerate us or love us in conditional ways. God’s love is so strong that it became incarnate, made of flesh and bone, and lived among us. Not only that the God who came among us Emanuel, but also came for us so that we might share in God’s love forever and upon the cross took all our sin upon his human body. Talk about the things we do for love!

As you prepare for your Christmas celebrations, know that it is God’s love for you that is at the root of everything that is good at Christmas. It doesn’t have to be perfect, spiritual or holy, but it needs to be filled with selfless love. May the gifts of Advent, Hope, Peace, Joy and Love fill your celebrations and may the Christ Child grow in your heart in love this day and always. Merry Christmas.

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