the land… aka, my back yard

This is a picture of my back yard. It’s as close as I can get calling anything I have “land.” I don’t have an investment property, nor hunting land as some do, but I do have my back yard. I am eagerly awaiting spring to arrive this year as it will be the first one for us in his home and it will be interesting to see what the “land” will bring forth! I’ve planted nothing, I cause nothing to grow, yet spring after spring new life comes. This year promises to be one of learning and new challenges!

I have had, not counting apartments, five back yards that I could call my “land” and the only one I can claim as mine is the place I am now. I may go back to visit, but unless something extraordinary happens none of those places will ever be my “land” ever again. We tend to think of the “land” or our land our home, or even our churches for that matter as permanent, as never changing and immutable (hows that for a church word!). But they aren’t, and quite frankly they have never been.

Shoot in our reading today. Abraham never really had the “land” he wandered up and down it settled down for a bit, but the promise of God would never come to fruition in his lifetime. Yes, the land would finally come to the children of Abraham and Sarah, but that would be a long, long, long time from promise to fruition. But the “I will make your offspring like the dust of the earth; so that if one can count the dust of the earth, your offspring also can be counted.” That part was and is still happening.

Lands change borders, property exchanges hands, geography is altered by wind, water, and earthquake, but the promises of God and the presence of God with us is at the heart all we are and have. It is this that will last; it is this that will burst forth into new life spring after spring no matter where we find our “land.”

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