note my work surface… fitting no?

Chances are good that if you are reading this, you know me, and if you have known me for any length of time you know I have never outgrown my love for Lego. Now as I have grown older, the amount of time to regularly build, the amount of money to buy Lego and quite frankly the space to display and store them have limited this passion.

I have a small stash of Lego that I have either gotten as gifts or purchased myself. I open up a new box only when the time for maximum focus and joy are aligned! Today was one of those moments. I got this set a while back, and finally, I have assembled it. It will find a place of honor in my office next to the Saturn V rocket I put together last year.

Nasa, while it has its faults, has been in many ways the source of much good for our nation and the world. The women represented in this tribute set were not unknown to me as I have heard their stories before. Personally, I am waiting for the Admiral Grace Hopper Mark I Electro-Mechanical Computer Lego set! But I digress… the history of Nasa is quite a story; from computer programmers to astronauts to the thousands of unsung and little known others who gave of their intellect, challenged the status quo, broke barriers, and risked their lives for the space program.

In many ways, the work of these ladies exemplifies the nature of citizenship. To be a citizen carries with it rights and privileges, but there are also expectations for service, and sacrifice, and I think we forget that now and again. Begin a citizen is not all about you, its not all about me, it is about all of us.

In our reading today we are reminded that our citizenship comes from heaven, it happens to us as a gift, and there are blessings, and promises that are given to us, but so too there are expectations. Our citizenship does not call us to lord it over others, (even citizens of other countries!) but to live in loving service to others in Jesus name. Some of us can do that by flying spaceships, or programming trajectories, others, may serve soup, listen to a troubled friend, or help finance life-changing ministries. Together we gather as the body of Christ to worship, to recognize our common citizenship and give thanks to God for all we are and all we have.

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