Not my best work, but it works!

Yeah, its a picture of the sun. Its been a long day, but stepping out of church the brightness of the sun caught my attention. We have finally started to break out of a long stretch of grey days. I can’t complain, we’ve had very little snow, but this winter has not been one of bright sunshiney days in my memory… but as sure as that sun is beaming through the yet bare branches, spring and sunnier will come.

Even when the clouds cover it, the sunshine endures, we can’t always see it but even on the cloudiest of days, it still impacts us, it still affects our days and our rhythms.

To endure sounds somewhat harsh, you endure testing; you endure a difficult situation, shoot my cousin Peter just endured a sled dog marathon called the Hudsons Bay Quest! It’s not a negative word, but it seems to be an exhausting and depleting one.

That is until you read scripture, like Psalm 118:29 from our reading today… Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!” This is a love that lasts, supports and blesses in good times and bad. It isn’t fickle, like clouds that come and go, it is like the sun always shining, always bright. On days when the rain and snow come, or just the blah overcast days that happen in life, we can have our spirits lifted and our souls restored because we know the steadfast love of the Lord never sets.

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