Today’s word was not one I was looking forward to reflecting on. Betrayal is brutal, the best angle I could put on it was my puppies. They love me, I know it, as they snuggle on my lap, but if someone even whispers the word “cookies,” they’d launch off my lap like three little rockets. Most betrayals are likely not so trivial, but some even more so. Betrayal is the inverse of trust which the Psalm for the last two days has talked about. It is the abandonment of promise, and maybe most troubling of relationship.

Why Judas did what he did, we will never fully know, but we can understand. We have all been there at one point or another. We have broken the trust of a loved one or a close friend. We might have done it when we were young, we may have just done it tonight. Not all betrayals are on the level of Judas, but we do betray our baptismal identities when we sin, and that happens every day.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the crowds will yell and whoop as Jesus enters into town. They are swept up in the religious, political and social impressions of what it means to be messiah, many of the visitors and residents of Jerusalem have jumped on the Jesus bandwagon. But in a matter of days, many of these same folks will have changed bandwagons and will be yelling and crying out for his crucifixion.

Through it all out of deep and abiding love Jesus has set his face toward the cross, and toward us out of love. No matter where Jesus finds himself, he is on the move toward us even when we can’t decide which bandwagon we are on, Jesus is reaching out to us in love, offering us forgiveness of sins and grace even when that takes him to the cross.

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