I found all sorts of treasures today!

Today after worship I got to spend some time with the youngsters who are preparing for first communion. This is one of my favorite things to do. Today my part was to do some show and tell. We talked about what Holy means (set apart for God) and the unique names we have for things that are holy and used for holy purposes. Chalice, Paten, Ciborium were all words that we learned about today, they are a cup, plate and covered bowl in case you forgot.

The reason this is one of my favorite things to do is the energy of the kids. I am still relatively new at St. John’s so not all the kids know me very well yet. But once we got rolling, they were shouting out answers, offering up ideas and being well, a little silly, but I’ll take that overboard any day of the week.

Today in the processional Gospel there was excitement beyond excitement as Jesus rode into town. Shouts of hosanna, blessed is he… and even an echo back to the angelic chorus the night of his birth: “Peace in heaven and glory in the highest heaven!” Today we reveled in these shouts, we sang songs and repeated the chorus of hosanna as we too waved our palm branches. Yes, the passion awaits, and when that time comes, God will be there. But for today I think it is enough to live in the moment, to let the forgiveness of sins in the meal fill us with hope, and the image of palm branches waving warm our hearts for they will need this strength in the days to come, for they too are holy.

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