Safety First, LED candle light!

This Holy Week, a new blessing to me has been the prayer room at St. John’s. If you can swing it, I highly encourage to you to take part. It is downstairs directly under the sanctuary, and it has something for everyone. There are several interactive stations, and several reflective ones, I have found a good balance between doing and being, and I am very thankful for Steve Terry and the Senior High youth who helped put it together. I have seen prayerful evidence of both the very young and not so young who have left handwriting, art, and crafts behind. I hope that they took as much with them in heart and spirit as I did.

In this space, it is dimly lit, but there are lights and LED candles which are great as they significantly reduce any risk that real candles as beautiful as they are bring. They provide just enough light to read when you need to, to accomplish the tasks that are laid out, but not enough that it would distract you from focusing on the main thing, and that is prayer.

Our reading from Isaiah uses both scenes of light in the English language, I don’t recall what it would be in Hebrew or Greek, but for now, I just find it interesting! Today the prayer room itself was light to me, and my prayer is that somehow I was in God’s grace light to someone else. The difference between the light we share as Christians and LED candles is the light we shine is not our own. We are chosen to be reflections of the one who came for us, we are called in our baptisms to share the light of Christ so that God’s “salvation might reach to the end of the earth.” This is why we give each of the baptized a candle and quote Matthew 5:16 at the end of each baptism. “ In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” Amen.

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