Mr. Rob

This dude is Mr. Rob. Here he is receiving a signed copy of this years Thrive logo at his last official Thrive session. While most folks know him for his work with our Jr. High programming, a deep passion of his (well the kids anyway!), he has also served in just about every capacity that doesn’t require ordination! It almost boggles the mind, but He has been a part of life at St. John’s for nearly 25 years!

While I have known Rob for less than nine months, I have heard and seen the results of his service in many ways, and I know he will be missed. He will be moving on to the Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Center in Oregon, IL another passion of his and his service will continue.

Our word for the day and the lesson on Jesus’ foot washing all focus on service. Life in the church, be that as paid staff, volunteers, helpers, called pastors, or in church-related organizations like camps and social service agencies are at their heart all about service. We are servants of the servant, the one who came and lived as we do, and died and rose so that we can be freed to serve others in his name so all may have life and have it abundantly.

I don’t know what Jr. High programming will look like after Rob leaves, but he has helped to build a good foundation, and I am hopeful it will continue to be awesome! I feel that Rob too will be excellent in his new role as he carries the lessons he has learned the gifts given and blessings of serving to a new context, but he will keep the same boss, the servant King, Jesus Christ.

Thanks for everything Rob. Peace be with you and may you find joy, wholeness, and blessing in your next call to serve.

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