a dude seriously puttering around

Today Jeremiah once again proclaims “The days are surely coming, says the Lord.” We started Advent with these same words, words of promise.  There is the promise of a new covenant, one that is etched on the heart, it is forged in relationship with God.

My wife took this picture as I was puttering around my workshop area in the basement. So here is the funny thing, I don’t normally do this reflection on a Friday, but I looked at the picture and was inspired I guess.

Here is the story, when we first moved in, I just sort of put stuff where I could.  If you have moved you know the feeling.  I just wanted to be settled in, so I kind of dealt with things where they landed.

I was never happy with my workshop setup and half my stuff was still in boxes and totes.  I was constantly hunting down a tool or something and it drove me crazy. This summer I was going to do a proper job of setting up my shop, I had plans, in fact I had made several big changes, or rather began several big changes to the layout of my basement kingdom. I moved stuff from one side to the other, grouped storage in one area, and started getting shelves acquired to store and display stuff.

Remember that word began?

You see here is the thing, the basement, is well, downstairs and if you don’t intentionally go down there it is easy to forget that there is stuff to do. Once you are busy reading or playing a game in the comfort of your recliner it can be hard to remember that you are supposed to be puttering in the basement!   That is until you need a tool or you need to cut a piece of wood to repair a frame and then, well, the shop is a mess and you can’t find a thing.

This fall I began afresh. I set up a new plan and its working so far, you can see my workbench is organized for the most part and ready to go.  Now when I look for a tool, I know where it is supposed to be and it can be found.

There is an underlying theme of remembering in our lesson today.  The reason God is so confident that this new covenant will work out is that it is based on relationships.  It’s not just based on a list of rules, but in the relationship of God to all of Israel and in the promise of a Messiah we understand that relationship is at the heart of Jesus’ mission.

God is not hidden deep in some theological toolbox (though that is an interesting concept and could be helpful too!) God is found where God promises to be, in bread and wine, and in our hearts as we constantly grow into who we already are in our baptism into Christ Jesus.


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