F7DE432D-B536-4B6C-86E5-833311786BC4I am four days behind on my Advent Lego calendar, I get busy, distracted and the like and I don’t remember to open the door and build my daily lego.

Why is remembering so hard, it can be difficult to remember things, and things we remember can often be difficult!

Today’s lesson was part of Sunday’s lesson I preached on and remembering, was difficult for the people of Judah.   Many didn’t remember or couldn’t remember what the temple looked like so rebuilding it was a joyful time. But there are those who did remember the temple before it was destroyed and all the memories of loss, exile, longing, and change came bounding back.

Eventually, everyone would rejoice as the temple was restored and worship and life got back to a new normal.  In my life, I need to remember that God’s promise binds all things and that when I forget, or when my memory proves to be a painful one, I am not alone in this. God rebuilds, restores, and redeems me in my baptism and gift of love, grace, and life is good to remember daily.

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