I ceased drinking this stuff a couple of years ago, so this isn’t mine. I’m not naming names but someone with the initials D.B. keeps leaving remnants of Diet Coke on my desk. 

As you can see by my photo, I was not feeling deeply creative today. Just a bit before lunch I hit a wall.  My creative juices seemed to have ceased.   Until that time I had written several short items, a small outline for my Christmas Eve sermon and proofed and tweaked the Family service interactive sermon for Christmas Eve.  I had been on a roll, then poof… I struggled just to dot i’s and cross t’s.

In our reading today there were shenanigans and political games being played that got in the way of the restoration of Jerusalem and the temple.  It caused construction to stop for a season. But, it wouldn’t last. To use yesterday’s word, when stuff like this happens it can be frustrating. I don’t tend to get too worried when I hit a dry spell, creatively, as my Grandpa Braaten would say, “The Lord provides.”  But it can drive you a little crazy especially if you’d have a deadline or a pressing good you’d like to accomplish quickly.

History tells us that those who caused the construction of the temple to cease would not get the last word. God’s people would eventually get back on track. Maybe this time of ceasing is not always a bad thing. Sometimes we get so busy working, doing what we do that we do not take time to reflect and to remember.  The promise of Advent helps us to remember that even as we watch and we wait, God is not held back by political machinations, or shenanigans.  The promise of Advent is that God is for us, and in all things, God is good on his promise.

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