I am a son, husband, father, pastor and a bunch of other unique stuff that God has squished into this 6’6″ ; 275 lb. frame. This blog is well, everyone else is doing it… hmmmm… never worked on my parents either. It is ultimately an outlet for ideas, thoughts, and responses. If anything here is helpful… boy did you get lucky. If anything here offends, well no offense was offered, so that is on your plate… other than that I am doing the best I can and sometimes, that is pretty good and others… well, Jesus loves me and that helps allot!

About the name of this blog.  I am sure there are those who have used the phrase before, but I attribute it to the late John Victor (J.V.) Halvorson. When he talked about growing in faith J.V. would often utter in his thick Norwegian brogue: “We are becoming what we already are in Christ Jesus.” In many ways that is exactly what a life of faith is, growing into what we already are in the love of God in Jesus Christ. The thoughts in this blog are about that journey.

Ask the right question and these would be the answers. ( more to come as the spirit strikes!)

Reedsburg, WI


head over heals

Washington Island, WI


Wood Carving

Plants, flowers, gardens

Bugs not so much

Fabulous gifts!

Blessings and curses baby, you choose this day.

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